SCREENING is a multimedia installation by OFFICE of CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and ARCHITECTURE (OCTA) that interrogates notions of self-image and identity. The project explores the price of participating in online communities and the ways in which interactions with screens impact our sense of self, relationships with others, and place in the material world. SCREENING also serves as a media apparatus which can be booked for events and happenings. Find more information about the project here or OCTA here. At night the project will feature media content created by the following artists: Alice Hutchinson, William Normyle, Mikaela Stafford + more to be announced.

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The OFFICE of CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY and ARCHITECTURE (OCTA) is a non-traditional architectural practice. An ongoing focus of OCTA's work is the relationship architecture has to culture, society and contemporary life. To date, OCTA's work consists of domestic projects, office interiors, public art, installations, exhibitions and research.

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